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session 1

June 4-9

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session 2

June 11-16

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session 3

June 18-23

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session 4

June 25 - 30

The camp schedule and activities offered remain the same for each session of the summer. The themes are designed to add a little flavor for each week. Campers may wish to bring items and/or clothing to get into the spirit of the theme. A patch for the eye for Pirates week, a camouflage t-shirt for Survival week,  a Santa hat for Holiday Week etc. 

PLEASE NOTE: Three of the themes are offered twice during the summer. 

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session 5

July 2-7

Fantasy week.jpg

session 6

July 9-14

Movie Week.jpg

session 7

July 16-21

Holiday Week.jpg

session 8

July 23-28

COLOR KINGDOM - BATTLE ROYALE  For our new SURVIVAL WEEK, the Flat Rock throne sits empty while the future of the Color Kingdom hangs in the balance. The Color Council is at an impasse as to who should rule the realm and three color clans sit poised and ready to claim the title of Flat Rock’s new ruler.  Join our counselors and fellow campers as you demonstrate your skills, upstanding character traits, and puzzle solving abilities as you help your clan gain the glory of the Color Kingdom victors. Campers will need courage, perseverance, and teamwork as they complete various survival challenges and earn character coins throughout the week. Do you have what it takes to help your clan reach the top?

MOVIE WEEK  Lights, Camera, Camp!  Join us for a week packed with marvelous movie madness! Immerse yourself in your favorite movie universe as we take on evil space lords, explore magical mysteries, and celebrate our favorite animated movies! Be the star of the silver screen and leave your mark on Flat Rock’s world famous walk of fame during Movie Week!

FANTASY WEEK  Take a journey through time! A mad scientist has stolen Flat Rock’s precious Quantum Crystal and is tearing through time in hopes of finding the lost city of Atlantis! Join us as we track mythical monsters, join the Knights of the Roundtable, and take on swashbuckling pirates. Do YOU have what it takes to be a time detective and help save humanity?

SUPER HERO WEEK  During our Operation Flat Rock week, exclusively for children of military families, we are doing all things Super Hero in celebration of these brave campers who take on the world every day. Get ready for some super challenges and become the hero of the day, EVERY DAY!

HOLIDAY WEEK  Tis the season to celebrate the Holidays… EVERY DAY!  Do you wish it was Christmas in July? That it was your birthday EVERY DAY! Have Thanksgiving for every meal? This week, we will celebrate a different holiday EVERY  DAY. Go trick-or-treating, dance an Irish jig, and watch the ball drop for “Happy Noon-Years” during Holiday Week!

Survival Week
Movie Week
Fantasy Week
Super Hero Week
Holiday Week
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