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Our focus on the responsibility and delight of caring for horses is the heart of our program. When you are open to learning about and relating to horses, you cannot help but be affected by them. Half of your program day is spent at the Ranch. Our program includes both lessons and trail rides and is for anyone that wishes to learn more about horses and riding regardless of previous experience. The lessons are structured to improve each rider’s equestrian skills.

Ranchers will be assigned to a horse and placed in a riding group on par with their experience. They will be able to change groups as their skills progress. Our program follows the guidelines of the Horsemanship Safety Association. Having a certified Riding Instructor providing the leadership to our Ranch staff and program is something we are proud of here at Flat Rock.

These campers spend the other half of the day participating in other camp activities such as swimming, archery, etc. They will also ride out to a remote part of our campsite for a picnic.

Ages 11-15



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For younger campers, Flat Rock also offers Horseback Riding Lessons and Trail Rides. Just choose one of these options as an "add on" to your session.

Horse Encounters for Younger Campers

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