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SUMMER 2024!

2-Week Program for Teens who have Completed 11th Grade 

Teens who have completed 11th grade will be excited to participate in this transitional level volunteer program to complete our Leadership Training Experience as campers move from LDP to CIT and then on to Service Corps!


The Flat Rock River YMCA Camp Service Corps Program is the final transition in our camper Leadership Training Experience (LDP/CIT/Service Corp). This program is a free two-week volunteer leadership experience for those entering the 12th grade who are SURE that they ultimately want to be a camp counselor.


This program is designed to help our Service Corps members gain leadership skills through experiential service learning, leadership sessions, and trainings during their two-week stay. They will form a tight knit group with the other Service Corps members as they work together to complete their daily responsibilities. It is our hope that they will leave the Service Corps Program with an understanding of our “campers and guests first” philosophy, which makes the Flat Rock River YMCA Camp a place where ALL children, staff, and guests are Included and Engaged becoming Confident and Inspired, ready to make a difference in this world. We also hope they leave with a desire to continue their service to others.


Service Corps primary responsibilities during their two-week stay will be to perform an assortment of jobs and tasks throughout the camp that are essential and necessary for our success in providing quality experiences for our campers. These tasks include washing dishes, helping with lost and found laundry, working in Trading Post, developing camper skills in an activity area, and mentoring campers in activity settings. These experiences are used to develop the leadership skills that will be beneficial in future summers at camp and other life endeavors.

COMPLETE APPLICATION: While this is still considered a program participant, this volunteer application must be completed by the camper applicant not the parent

Download a more detailed Service Corps Program Outline

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