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2-Week Program
 for Teens who have 
Completed 11th Grade

Leadership Development Program

Completed 9th Grade

LDPs have the opportunity to engage in a whole new aspect of camp in an all-inclusive, challenging, high energy, thought-provoking two-week experience that will introduce our teens to great leadership knowledge and techniques they can utilize not only at camp but in any environment.


LDPs will spend about 2/3 of their time participating in teamwork activities intentionally designed to foster key life skills such as listening, understanding, problem solving, empathy, communication, and collaboration. The LDPs will still have the opportunity to be a “kid at heart camper” as they spend the other 1/3 of the time participating in their favorite traditional camp activities.  For those in the equestrian track, we’ll ensure there is time assigned to expand their knowledge within this program.


The LDP program will carry through the weekend of their two-week stay as they continue to bond as a group and create  powerful camp friendships and memories. 


The objective of this program is to ensure that when LDPs  complete their two weeks and head out, they have expanded their communication and leadership skills, developed an ability to bond with a diverse group of individuals, and worked with others productively while also stretching their personal comfort zones.  LDPs should leave Flat Rock equipped with the tools and life skills to make a difference in this world as they become  employees, volunteers, mentors, college students, and leaders.

Counselor in Training

Completed 10th Grade

For 2021 we have completely revamped our CIT program. The CIT program is very helpful for those teen campers whose ultimate goal is to one day become a camp counselor.


The CIT program has an intentional focus on teaching        introductory engagement skills and techniques of caring for and encouraging younger campers. Our objective is not only to prepare our teens for future counselor activity responsibilities, but also build a dynamic and connected group of young     leaders.  CITs have the opportunity to shadow Flat Rock staff at both activity areas and cabin groups while receiving      mentoring to develop their ability to lead younger campers. Time will also be spent in breakout sessions to acquire      additional transferable leadership skills.


During their time at camp, CITs will work together to complete an on-site service project. The weekend trip is built into the two week program and is a time for our CITs to continue to build on connections and friendships, reflect on lessons learned in week one and plan for increased leadership        opportunities in week two.  


Collectively all these skills will benefit our CITs should they apply to take part in our new program following their        completion of the 11th grade. Participation in the CIT program makes their future program and staff applications stronger, but does not guarantee a position as a counselor.

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