for  the Annual Campaign

Kids need camp NOW more than ever, wouldn't you agree?

Let’s help families get their kids to Camp this summer.


It's been a long year for all of us and there is no doubt that kids need Camp now more than ever. We are eager to give all of our campers a week to move away from the virtual world we’ve been living in and plug in to in-person interactions and outdoor experiences.

All 2021 Annual Campaign gifts received on this Day of Giving will be directed to camper scholarships. In coming out of the challenges of 2020, we are acutely aware that there are even more families who have experienced financial hardships and need help to get their kids to Camp this summer. With your help today, we can make it happen!

Annual Campaign

for Camper Scholarships and Program Support

Flat Rock is committed to providing a camp experience for all kids. Your support allows us to offer financial assistance to families who qualify. A portion of our Annual Campaign also ensures quality programming for every camper who enters our gates.

As a non-profit organization, we are truly dependent on the support of our donors. We invite you to join our youth work.

Because of Camp Campaign

for Capital projects

We are excited about this opportunity to work on 3 specific projects:

  • Connect Camp to St. Paul city water which will eliminate sulfur smell and the equipment damage from the corrosive properties of our hard water.

  • Renovate the bathrooms in the Valley Cabins

  • Build a 4th Hill Cabin - Already Funded!

FOR MORE INFORMATION on these exiting new developments, please contact Mark Scoular at mscoular@indymca.org or Debra Scoular at dscoular@indymca.org.

GIVING: An investment in the lives of each person we serve!

Flat Rock River YMCA Camp  -  6981 W County Rd 650 N  -  St. Paul, Indiana 47272  - 765-525-6730

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